United States District Court requires service of a subpoena be followed up with the filing of a Proof of service. This is done by providing them with a copy of the proof with the court in a specific manner, called “service of process.” Service of Process of United States District Court Subpoenas is what we handle and do so by following rule 45 to assure Proper service of process. After we accomplish service of process upon the witness we provide a Proof of Service to the Attorney of record for filing with the appropriate Federal Court and where the action was initiated.

What is a District Court Proof of Service provided by A.C.E. Process Servers?

The Proof of Service also called an Affidavit of Service must be filed with the U.S.D.C. court as evidence that proper service of process upon the witness was accomplished within the time period specified by law.

The proof of service form is required for each Subpoena served. District Court POS are identical.

Rule 45 requires basic information must be stated on each proof of service includes:

  • The name of the District Court in which the action is filed
  • The case name and case number
  • The name of the individual or entity to whom the documents were served
  • A list of each document served
  • The date and time of service
  • The manner of service
  • The address at which the documents were served

The individual serving the documents must then sign the Proof of Service, under penalty of perjury, that he or she did in fact serve the documents as stated in the proof of service. While every court has standardized proof of service forms available, and they are easy to use, an affidavit of service may be written or typed out, so long as it includes the required information.

District Court Proof of Service forms provided by the U.S.D.C. courts lack some relevant information. Though the U.S.D.C. Proof does not require, e.g. the actual time the service took place, we provide that information. We find the U.S.D.C. Proof of Service so deficient, we choose to provide the U.S.D.C A044 Proof of Service AND an A.C.E. Proof of Service which provides a wide range of descriptive details and comments when and where applicable. A.C.E. Proof of Service have been used within the Federal Court System for Twenty years and have always been well received as they meet the mere minimum requirements of the U.S.D.C. court.

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