A. C. E., Inc. U.S.D.C. Rule 45 Subpoena Servers adhere to all laws and the highest standards of ethics and morals. A. C. E., Inc. prides itself on performing honest and accurate services that are conditionally guaranteed. All U.S.D.C. Rule 45 laws governing our process serving services are strictly enforced to better serve you.

We track down (locate their whereabouts) witnesses and attempt to effect individual service of process, meeting with a person of suitable age whom we can serve and or serve an authorized person who must accept service in compliance with U.S.D.C. Federal Rule 45. We serve subpoenas upon witness individuals, corporations and governing bodies. Our Subpoena Servers operate within each jurisdiction and together operate nationwide and have no territorial boundaries.

Before retaining us you agree, if we provide you with investigative data or information, to proper use of our information as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Privacy Laws and or Applicable Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as follows:

You intend to use our U.S.D.C. Service of Process Services ONLY for:

  • A commonly recognized Federal Court action whereby the witness you seek to gain jurisdiction over is properly served in accordance with Rule 45 and any state rules that may apply.
  • Our U.S.D.C. Private Subpoena Servers are assertive, relentless and goal oriented. However, there are limitations as to how aggressive we can be. The actions of our process servers are closely managed and directed which assure you the best opportunity to attain service upon the witness with minimal or no risk of adverse repercussions due to inappropriate our unlawful service of process business practices
  • To address the above, we are prohibited from harassing, oppressing, or being abusive towards the witness, family members or known associates. This includes using threats or obscene language, making annoying or anonymous telephone calls, sending deceptive or coercive email and or grossly misleading misrepresentation.
  • By submitting a request for us to serve your U.S.D.C. Rule 45 subpoena, you are stating that you agree to the all of the above and any and all policies, terms, use and guidelines set forth within this entire website and any and all of our other sites whereby similar terms are stated.

To arrange service of your United States District Court Rule 45 Subpoena upon a witness or records custodian call or email us. For a quick response, Please Call, 888 406-6517 or email us contact@Rule45Subpoena.com now