What is a USDC District Private Subpoena Server?

A U.S.D.C. Process Server is a person who serves Court Subpoena’s to Individuals and Corporations. A USDC Process Server delivers (or tries to serve) Subpoena’s to anyone and anywhere.

What is a District Court Subpoena?

In U.S.D.C. jurisdictions, the service of a Subpoena is in most cases required for the court to have jurisdiction over the party who is being subpoenaed. The process by which a subpoena is served is called service of process. The form and content of subpoena service in the federal courts is governed by Rule 45 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,

Does a U.S. Marshal have to serve a U.S.D.C. Subpoena?

Absolutely NOT. Private Process Servers can serve District Court Subpoena’s.

What is a District Court Subpoena?

Seriously, if you are asking this question, this is not the place for you. You should seek the advice of an Attorney or proceed to conduct your research elsewhere as this site is not updated nor is it a place where you should base your important decisions. A U.S.D.C. Subpoena is a formal court document, which compels a person or business to act. U.S.D.C Subpoena is usually accompanied by Schedules and or Exhibits outlining and defining the requirements of subpoena compliance. The Subpoena are the documents we serve on behalf of Attorneys that compel a witness to appear or produce; maybe both.

Who May Issue a U.S.D.C. Subpoena?

In most instances, a United States District Court a/k/a Federal Court subpoena can be issued and signed by an attorney on behalf of a court in which the attorney is authorized to practice law.

How is a United States District Court a/k/a Federal Court Subpoena is Served?

A U.S.D.C. Subpoena is typically requested by an Attorney and or issued by a court clerk, once a subpoena is issued, it must be personally served on an individual witness or upon a representative of a corporate entity.

What is U.S.D.C. Subpoena Service of Process?

U.S.D.C. Subpoena Service of process also known as Federal Service of Process. Serving a witness is the procedure by which a witness is notified they have knowledge or information needed to assist with a pending lawsuit. The Subpoena is served in an effort to exercise jurisdiction over a person or entity.

What is the Schedule or Exhibits attached to a U.S.D.C. Subpoena?

A U.S.D.C. Subpoena compels a person or business to appear or produce documents, objects or things. A court of law in which a plaintiff who claims to have incurred loss as a result of a witness’ actions, demands a legal or equitable remedy. The witness is required to respond to the Attorney’s request, it is always recommended that the U.S.D.C. subpoena is always “Served” by a Process Server

What is "USDC?"

U.S.D.C. is the abbreviation for United States District Court. U.S.D.C. is also known as Federal Court

What is US Distict Court?

As with the use of the abbreviation, “U.S.D.C.” for United States District Court, the term “Federal Court” refers to District Courts of the United States of America

What is a U.S.D.C. District??

A “District” is a particular geographic area of the United States District Court. For example, in Florida there is a Southern District that constitutes numerous counties on the east coast of South Florida. The state of Florida has several Districts; the Middle District and The Northern District. Many larger states in the country have multiple Districts and they are generally categorized by North, East, South or West. Some of the small states may only have one District.

What is a United States District Court Subpoena in a Civil Case?

United States District Court Subpoena: A U.S.D.C. Subpoena is a formal and official document addressed to a witness individual or entity or is or is not a party to Federal a lawsuit. The Subpoena directs an appearance or production of evidence or information. Generally, the witness is compelled to appear or produce evidence by specified time and at a specific place and time. Failure to comply with a U.S.D.C. Subpoena is a serious issue that can cause legal problems for the witness.

What is a United States District Court Proof of Service?

The United States District Court issues a blank Proof of Service with each issued Subpoena. The Proof of Service is generally the page the follows the Subpoena and is accompanied by the Rules of Civil Procedure and Rule 45. The Proof of Service is to be filled out by the Process Server who performed service of the subpoena service. The Proof of Service document is an essential aspect of proper service and jurisdiction upon the witness. The Proof of Service is a sworn statement as to when and where the witness was served and by whom.

How much will it cost to get my United States District Court Subpoena Served?

A routine, one-week time frame, subpoena service can cost anywhere from $75.00 to $150 or more. Many variables will affect the actual fee, including which state the subpoena is to be served and or if the address you require service. Subpoena services that take place in remote or urban locations cost more. You will incur additional fees if it is hard for the process server to locate the witness. If a witness needs to be found or if a process server must make multiple attempts in order to serve the subpoena, extra fees, authorized by you, will be passed along. If you have special process service needs – for example, if you need your subpoena delivered late at night or very early in the morning or if you need rush service, additional fees will apply. You can always obtain a quote from by emailing or calling our office. We will provide you with a flat fee for your particular needs.

How can I get my United States District Court Subpoena to your office?

Quite simple! Just send us your Subpoena by email we will print them out!

Can we use your address for the Production of Documents?

Yes. ONLY If we agree, IN ADVANCE, to handling your subpoena service and need an address within “100 miles” we will provide you with an address. Additional fees will apply if we are asked to handle and forward production.

Will you Draft and Front a Witness fee on our Behalf?

Yes, we can do that for you. No worries. We do charge for drafting a check and will add all amounts to your final billing amount.

What is considered Proper Service of Process of a U.S.D.C Subpoena?

The importance of the proper subpoena service of process stands as the most important element of the legal process, prosecution and litigation of a lawsuit. Subpoena process, in essence, is a formal notification to a witness who maintains or possesses evidence, information or things relevant to a pending lawsuit. The subpoenas delivered and served by one of our private process servers who are always respectful, disinterested in the action and observant of the Rule 45 that apply to statutory service of process.

What are U.S.D.C. Subpoenas Used for?

Under United State District Court civil procedural law rule 45, subpoenas offer attorneys a chance to obtain information to help prove or disprove their client's case. Criminal attorneys, for example, often use subpoenas to obtain "witness" or lay opinion testimony from a third party that may lead to swaying the opinion of the court’s ultimate decision. Similarly, civil attorneys often subpoena individuals to obtain information that may help settle someone's claim. For example, an attorney representing a spouse in a child custody hearing might issue a subpoena to the other spouse to appear in court to determine joint custody arrangements.

Examples of U.S.D.C. subpoenas may include requests for:

Blood test information; DNA samples; Computer files and downloaded material (such as in a child pornography case, for example); Medical bills & insurance records; Income tax returns; Photographs, graphs, & charts; Contracts; Recordings; Personal records; and Employee records.

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